You who killed my brothers and all who take your side.
This be your last hour, let your strength be tried.
Now turn to face me upon this lifeless planet.
Drink the wine of my anger.
Kill me…if you can!

(Joey de Maio)


Our mountain (Crystal M. Laskowski)

There was this dream that I had
One night, after I met you
It was of me standing at the bottom of a Mountain
Looking up into the sky so blue

I saw an image in the clouds
It was in the shape of a man
He was motioning for me to come to him
By climbing the Mountain with my own two hands

I was afraid to do it at first
And I shouted "What if I fall?"
Then I heard his whisper in the wind
"Have faith and trust in me, but remember, it's your call"

I hesitated for a second
Because of my fear of heights
But I held in my breath, and believed in myself,
And I began to climb with all of my might

When I reached the top
I stood there with pride
I held up my hands
And was pulled up into the sky

I danced in the clouds
With a smile upon my face
My laughter filled the air
And my heart begun to race

The man was an angel
And he came to my side
He said "This is only the begining of the journey
You are in for a long ride"

I couldn't quite understand
What he meant by those words
It didn't make any sense
It was meaningless and absurd

The Angel must have read my thoughts
Because he said "It's not my words that count
Just look into your heart
Then you shall know what this is all about."

I have looked into my heart
Just like the Angel said to do
And to my surprise, what I seen so deep inside
Was that Angel in my dream, was you

That's when I understood
Those words in my dream
The long journey is climbing an even bigger Mountain
With you and I as a team

You see, this is no ordinary Mountain
It's a journey of love and life
And we are to climb it together
Just us, side by side

I had to climb one alone
So I could learn to be strong
And to overcome my fear that you may break my heart
So our love can last forever long

The climb I took was a test
And your love was my wall
I had doubts in my heart about trusting you
But you held on and wouldn't let me fall

Now I am able to put my trust into you
And I am ready for our journey together
We have our own Mountain to conquer
And the climb will last forever