You who killed my brothers and all who take your side.
This be your last hour, let your strength be tried.
Now turn to face me upon this lifeless planet.
Drink the wine of my anger.
Kill me…if you can!

(Joey de Maio)


Hope (unknown)

When you feel like you lost,
And your dreams seem far away
You can always find hope
Whoever you are.
When the star you wish upon,
Seems to have fallen from the sky
Search for hope
For the hope doesn't die
When you know it gets better
And nothing can be too bad
Try to move forward
From rough times you've had
When life seems too hard
Do not live in fear
Because hope finds a way,
Trough each dripping tear
When you cannot get rid
of the pain in your heart
And the clouds blocking the sun,
Just don't want to part
Reach deep within your soul
Smile and say...
"I know I can do it!"
Then let hope lead the way.