You who killed my brothers and all who take your side.
This be your last hour, let your strength be tried.
Now turn to face me upon this lifeless planet.
Drink the wine of my anger.
Kill me…if you can!

(Joey de Maio)


Be here now (unknown)

I ask myself these questions over and over again...
Why are you not with me?
Why am I not looking at your hypnotic green eyes?
Why am I not hearing you whispering my name?
Why am I not tasting your sweet lips?
Why am I not touching your body?
Why do you affect me so?
Why do you love me?
The only thing I can do is touch your heart and invade your thoughts.
But I am with you,
It feels that my thoughts and words are not enough.
So many emotions to show you...share with you.
In my mind's eye, it tells me that holding you just feels right.
It feels right because you feel so good.
It feels so good and so right to love you.
To love you so much and not be with you every waking moment is a sin that I would like to redeem.
Knowing that you feel love for me keeps me going through the day and through the night.
You are valuable and priceless.
Your worth is are my salvation.